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Uniform Coverage at a Much Lower Cost

For the first time ever, we have a mist sprayer that fits on all of your All Terrain Vehicles! Now you can spray in places that you have found hard to reach in the past. Our mist blowers allow you to spray with safety in mind and you may use less chemical. Ideal for greenhouse, nursery-container stock, right-of-way, livestock spraying, pastures and range land, orchards, small vineyards, vegetables, and premise spraying.

Spray mosquitoes (West Nile-Like Virus), flies, grasshoppers & ticks. Spray noxious weeds, broadleaf and brush too!

The self-contained 2-cycle, 52.6cc, 3.5HP engine driven mist blower unit has either a 24 or 55 gallon poly tank. A flexible cannon type volute with a handheld or pedestal mounted handgun throttle control on the left side is provided for operator ease of use and safety. A 4-position liquid valve for complete control of liquid volume.

Big John's powerful mist blowers allow you to safely spray fungicide, insecticide, and herbicide. Maximum spraying range - 38 feet horizontal, 31 feet vertical.

Our ATV Mist Blowers will provide you with greater flexibility and more uniform coverage at a much lower cost than you would incur with traditional application methods.

Livestock Insect Control
Beef, Dairy, Cow/Calf, Poultry, Swine, Bison, Horses

Pasture/Range Control

Noxious Weeds and Broadleaf Control

Spray Under Trees - Roadside Ditches - Fence Rows - Creek Beds - Lagoons - Levees
Spray Steep, Rocky, Hard to Reach Areas That You Can't Walk, Ride or Drive

Truck/Garden Produce
Sweet Corn, Tomatoes, Orchards, Vineyards, Nut Tree Spraying

Great for Public Area Applications
Campgrounds, Parks, Golf Courses, Hunting Lodges, and other Municipal Uses of Insect Control

Barrier Treatment
Mosquitoes, Grasshoppers, Gnats, Biting Insects

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